Handbrake Valet for PC

Do you want to get a challenging and quick action game for your PC? You can try the new hit 512x512bbHandbrake Valet for PC. Through some really easy steps, you can get the dedicated mobile app of Handbrake Valet for PC as well and place it on your desktop for instant access.  

If you are not new to the game and want to see the method to download Handbrake Valet for PC, skip ‘About the Game’ section below and scroll down to the guide to download Handbrake Valet for PC.

About the Game:

This is a brand new game and just after its release the game has made its place in the top charts. The game is available for Google Play as well as the Appstore and interesting part is that you can even play the game on your computer.

By the look of it, the strategy seems to be inspired by dashy crashy which was pretty successful.

The main idea of the game is to pop the handbrake, do not crash and park the car. These are the three rules that the game revolves around.

Ofcourse your objective will be to get a highest score possible by parking as many cars as possible.


Handbrake Valet for PC Game Play

On the main screen you will be able to see your car on the road and other cars parked on the sides. There is a Play button on the bottom along with settings and leaderboard button. That’s simple.


As you hit play, the car auto drives. You have to look for a parking place between the already parked cars. If you find a parking space, just hit the brakes and see the car perfectly park in the free space. However, this is not as simple and it is all about hitting the brakes at the right time.

If you fail to time well, your car will crash into other cars and the game will end. The same goes for if you miss out on parking spot.


At the end of each play, you will be given a summary with your current score and your highest score. You will be given 5 plays and after that you have to watch an ad in order to continue which is a little frustrating. However, to get rid of these ads, you have the option to play offline.


The cars keep changing and you get to park various fancy vehicles including police cars as well. All the cars have different steering ways as well.


Overall, the game is simple with easy controls and the gameplay and sound effects are quite entertaining. The game is really quick to understand and is designed with simple mechanics. The only downside is the same location you play the game in and the advertisements that can not be removed while playing online.





Guide to Download Handbrake Valet for PC

Getting Handbrake Valet for PC is really simple. The methods that have been mentioned here to download Handbrake Valet for PC do not require you to be a tech expert and even if you have little knowledge about technology, you can still get Handbrake Valet for PC by following the step by step guide given below.

You can choose from any one of the different platforms mentioned below that suit you and use them to get the game for your computer.

Handbrake Valet App is not originally designed to run on PCs. That is why, we take help from some third party emulators to download the Android and iOS apps and game like Handbrake Valet for PC.

Remember that not all of the emulators available on the internet are reliable. Here, I have given the tried and tested emulators, that you can effectively use to easily download iOS and Android Apps on your computers.

How to download Handbrake Valet for PC using

512x512bbHandbrake Valet by Meagan Harrington

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