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Here is a guide to get Instagram for PC. Those of you who love to work on unnamedPCs, can now get the original dedicated app, Instagram for PC with the help of some really simple steps.

If you are not new to the app and want to see the method to download Instagram for PC, skip ‘About the App’ section below and scroll down to the guide to download Instagram for PC.

About the App:

Instagram is one of the most popular apps being used by Android and iOS users along the globe. The app is free to download from the App store. It is an online photo sharing tool which allows users to take photos, apply cool filters to the photos and then not only share them with your friends on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. In order to use Instagram, you are required to create an account as not only is Instagram a photo editing app, it’s a social network. When entering username and password, you can also choose choose to link your account with Facebook or Twitter. This will allow you to see which of your friends already use Instagram and post your photos on your Facebook wall and Twitter Feed.


Instagram for PC Features

Instagram allows any one to become an amateur photographer and through its various features an ordinary photo can even look professional .

One of the great things about the app is that you can take photos directly from the app’s camera or you can choose to upload previously taken photos from Camera roll or library.

While posting photos on Instagram, you have to crop them into a square shape. This is a distinctive feature of Instagram and makes the photos look like Polaroids.


Recently, a new feature was introduced for Instagram users that allows people to make layouts of several photos instead simply posting square shaped single photo Polaroids.

You can see how to get Layout Instagram Collage for PC.


Once cropped, you have a variety of filters to choose from. The filters are great to give the photos a vintage look and will be sure to make any amateur photo professional.

Editing Tools

The app also includes a variety of borders which you can turn on or off.

While using Instagram, you can also use basic photo editing tools such as rotate photo, focus point tool or color corrector.

Photo Sharing

Once satisfied with your photo, you are now ready to show it to the world. You can write caption to explain the photo which may include hashtags. Tags are a big feature on Instagram which allows people to better understand your photo. You can also choose to add your location and share the photo on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr or email it to a friend.

Twitter Feed

Your shared photo will appear on the Twitter feed. The Twitter feed includes shangri-la-instagram-feedrecent photos posted by the people you are following. You can like photos by tapping on the heart shaped button or by double clicking on the photo. You can also comment on photos


Instagram is separated into different section. There is a main Feed showing recent photos. The icon is placed on the extreme left on the bottom.

The next section is the Explore tab. This section includes Instagram’s most liked photos. You can also search for people or specific hashtags using the Search tab. Lastly, there is a News tab which shows you which people have followed you recently, requested to follow you and your liked photos and recent comments by your followers. Similarly, you can also see your friends’ activities on Instagram.

The extreme right icon at the bottom takes you to your Instagram Profile.

Summing It Up

Instagram is fun because it is so simple and fast to use. The best thing about Instagram however is not using the filters and editing tools. It is the fact that the app is completely free with over a hundred million users. It is more of a social network then an editing tool.




Guide to Download Instagram for PC

Getting Instagram for PC is really simple. The methods that have been mentioned here to download Instagram for PC do not require you to be a tech expert and even if you have little knowledge about technology, you can still get Instagram for PC by following the step by step guide given below.

You can choose from any one of the different platforms mentioned below that suit you and use them to get the game for your computer.

Instagram App is not originally designed to run on PCs. That is why, we take help from some third party emulators to download the Android and iOS apps and game like Instagram for PC.

Remember that not all of the emulators available on the internet are reliable. Here, I have given the tried and tested emulators, that you can effectively use to easily download iOS and Android Apps on your computers.

How to download Instagram for PC using

unnamedInstagram by Instagram

See App in Appstore or Playstore


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