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Do you want to get Mobile Strike for PCCRV_AP_600x360? The action packed strategy game featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to top the app charts and created a hype among the war based strategy games lovers. Now, through some really easy steps, you can get the dedicated mobile app of Mobile Strike for PC as well and place it on your desktop for instant access.  

If you are not new to the game and want to see the method to download Mobile Strike for PC, skip ‘About the Game’ section below and scroll down to the guide to download Mobile Strike for PC.

About the Game:

The game has been created by Epic War and the fact that the game casts Arnold Schwarzenegger has kept things really interesting. The game is 2D MMO strategy but such a modern strategy game is worth playing on computer as the graphics and effects are much enjoyable in a larger view than any mobile device. You can use all the interesting features the game comes with without any cost.

The most striking part of the game is that offers a versatility when it comes character customization and material crafting and leveling up system.


Mobile Strike for PC Game Play

To begin with, you have a target to establish a well set military base. Although, the game misses out on a the story mode, you start with a tutorial which is extensive and covers a lot of the items and makes players learn to place various items and building to start up the base. So, within a few hours, you have all necessary items required in the base with the one click speed up system.

Soon after, you have a lot of things to do. You are assigned with alliance and core missions to complete along with daily tasks to keep you going.

Side by side, you work on customizing your Commander and leveling up as well as you keep on acquiring and unlocking new skills. These skills play a major role in later part of the game.



The game basically involves playing in groups so forming your alliance and teaming up with other players is as crucial as any other thing. there are open alliances as well as others ‘by invite only’. The game allows you to chat with other players and plan your strategies to work your way to beat the enemies.



Guide to Download Mobile Strike for PC

Getting Mobile Strike for PC is really simple. The methods that have been mentioned here to download Mobile Strike for PC do not require you to be a tech expert and even if you have little knowledge about technology, you can still get Mobile Strike for PC by following the step by step guide given below.

You can choose from any one of the different platforms mentioned below that suit you and use them to get the game for your computer.

Mobile Strike App is not originally designed to run on PCs. That is why, we take help from some third party emulators to download the Android and iOS apps and game like Mobile Strike for PC.

Remember that not all of the emulators available on the internet are reliable. Here, I have given the tried and tested emulators, that you can effectively use to easily download iOS and Android Apps on your computers.

How to download Mobile Strike for PC using


CRV_AP_600x360Mobile Strike by Epic War

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