Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC

Are you looking for a way to get Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC? Now, Through some really icon175x175easy steps, you can get the dedicated mobile app of Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC as well and place it on your desktop for instant access.  

If you are not new to the game and want to see the method to download Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC, skip ‘About the Game’ section below and scroll down to the guide to download Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC.

About the Game:

Rocky is the god of boxing as we all know and here is an ultimate realistic boxing game all boxing fans had been waiting for. Best thing about this game is that it gives you the ability to fight as Rocky Balboa himself. Moreover, you can also choose some famous opponents to fight with from the Rocky franchise including Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.



Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC Game Play

To begin with the game, you will be required to go through a short tutorial. After finishing the tutorial, you will be taken to the ‘go create your fighter’ window. This is where you can customize your fighter and make it look the way you want to. You can change the skin tone, eyes, nose and other features. You can choose a name for your fighter as well as a flag.

The basic tutorial gets you into basic fight and mostly shows you how to hold punches, build up power, to block and other stuff that should be coming natural to playing boxing. The tutorial is helpful as you get to learn how to move and do certain combos.

For every fight that you win, you get some bonus and experience points. You can  use XP to level up your boxer’s stat. You also get money to buy equipment as well as upgrade gloves, etc that can obviously help you win fights.

After the tutorial fight, the next thing mandatory is to go through the story fight. During the fights, you will a timer for each round at the top of the screen as well as the physical condition and stamina of yourself and your opponent. You have to pay attention to your stamina in order for you to not get knocked down.

The graphics are really impressive; everything from the intro to character details, ring effects and people are designed with shear detail. These kind of 3D graphics are much more enjoyable on PC screens rather than small mobile screens.

Here are the minimum requirements to run the game on mobile devices.

CPU: 2GHZ Quad Core (or dual core if your GPU is stronger)

GPU: at least Adreno 330 or equivelant

RAM: at least 2GB

DISK SPACE: at least 1.3 GB of free disk space

Android: at least v4.4.4 (KitKat)

Permanent Internet Access

If you do not want to swamp much space on your mobile or consume too much RAM, it is preferred to play the game on PC instead.




Guide to Download Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC

Getting Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC is really simple. The methods that have been mentioned here to download Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC do not require you to be a tech expert and even if you have little knowledge about technology, you can still get Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC by following the step by step guide given below.

You can choose from any one of the different platforms mentioned below that suit you and use them to get the game for your computer.

Real Boxing 2 ROCKY App is not originally designed to run on PCs. That is why, we take help from some third party emulators to download the Android and iOS apps and game like Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC.

Remember that not all of the emulators available on the internet are reliable. Here, I have given the tried and tested emulators, that you can effectively use to easily download iOS and Android Apps on your computers.

How to download Real Boxing 2 ROCKY for PC using

icon175x175Real Boxing 2 ROCKY by Vivid Games

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